Double Room with Terrace

Room is ideal for a couple desiring intimacy and relaxation. The room is double sized: You access the bedroom on the first floor by the main staircase.

The bathroom is spacious and essential. Even the double rooms are furnished with restored, original 18th century furniture, the flooring is in antique Tuscan terracotta tiles, the ceilings in Tuscan wood and terracotta, and you have air-conditioning, television and minibar.

The bathrooms are new, with ceramics, Tuscan terracotta and marble elements.


room detail

Dimensions from 30 a mq
Guests 2 pax
Price ind online reception
Breakfast not included
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B&B La Piana

via Buggiano Colle, 8 - Buggiano Castello (PT)

P.IVA IT 01106540477

Cell.(+39) 393.9325326

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