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Pisa: not just the Leaning Tower

An itinerary to discover for the perfect visit of Pisa in 10 steps

Pisa, a well-known Tuscan city especially for its famous Leaning Tower, is rich in many other more and less famous treasures and sometimes even unknown to most. We recommend an itinerary that will allow you to discover the city on foot even in a few hours, focusing on the main attractions and monuments.

1- Starting from the central station you will cross Corso Italia, the famous shopping street, where you can stop for some offers or drink a coffee in one of the many bars.
2- At the end of the Course, I would cross the river Arno passing by the Ponte di Mezzo, which will offer you a panoramic view on both riversides: Lungarno Galilei and Lungarno Mediceo.

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3- After crossing the bridge you will find yourself in the small Borgo Stretto: a characteristic little road flanked by two loggias that on both sides welcome the "luxury" and traditional shops of the city.
4- Turning left you reach a few steps in Piazza dei Cavalieri, which overlooks the Scuola Normale Superiore, known and appreciated all over the world, and the famous Palazzo dell'Orologiaia with two towers, one of which was made famous by Dante : the tower of the Fame, where the count mugolino della Gherardesca and his sons and nephews found sad end.
5- In Piazza dei Miracoli you can reach it from here with a short 10 minute walk passing via Santa Maria.
6- The Duomo is an exceptional example of Pisan Romanesque style, distinguished by the use of gray and white polychrome marks on the facade, a monumental representation of the power reached by Pisa at the time of the Maritime Republics.
7- The Baptistery, still in Pisan Romanesque style, carries within it the extraordinary pulpit of Nicola Pisano with the depiction of the stories of the Life of Christ stylistically anticipating the Renaissance.
8- The Leaning Tower certainly has the place of honor in the hearts of all visitors, and to think that it was certainly not born as a "leaning" tower but only because of structural problems and subsidence of the land has taken on this characteristic and lucky form. If you think you want to go up during your visit, better book and save time in the long queues that are formed every day.

9-The Camposanto is nothing but the monumental historical cemetery of the city; unfortunately during the Second World War the bombings on Pisa hit him hard, so much so that today the original frescoes remain only the preparatory bases, called Sinopias.

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10 - Very close to the square is the Botanical Garden where the sections of aquatic plants and medicinal plants stand out.


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