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Trekking on the hills of Buggiano and Valdinievole

Trekking on the hills of Buggiano and Valdinievole

The territory surrounding our Bed and Breakfast is rich in woods, shady paths, olive groves and water sources, as well as the fascinating Cessana stream at the bottom of the valley. From Buggiano and Colle di Buggiano depart and pass some paths that cross this marvelous land and the countries that stand almost like a lookout over the valley; the whole area is therefore very suitable for trekking lovers who can find unexpected landscapes, scenic spots and so much quiet.

Here on our blog you can find some routes that were recently marked by willing inhabitants of Colle di Buggiano, with precise directions on tracks, gradients, and length, so as to choose the path that best suits your needs ... even if you should slowly discover them all eh ?? You can choose between the routes: path 1 green, path 2 brown, path 3 yellow, path 4 red and path 5 black.

Backpack on the shoulder with a bottle of water, some energy bar, or even better, a nice seasonal fruit, and ... departure!


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